Planning Education addresses contemporary issues and challenges for learning and training in the field of Planning in Europe. The landscape of higher education is in evolution due to the implementation of the Bologna reform but also to the important changes occurring in planning practice. The journal enlightens these changes and presents AESOP initiatives regarding accreditation and quality assessment of our diplomas and professional recognition of our diplomas. It also provides a forum for ideas and debates about contents, methods and ethics in planning education.

This first issue is based upon the outcomes of the Second meeting of AESOP Heads of Schools which took place in Leuven in April 2007 and was dedicated to the important matter of the European recognition of the Planning profession. It also presents AESOP's core requirements for planning education. Adopted by AESOP in 1995, these common principles and values are shared by our 152 member schools from all Europe.

Download Planning Education 1, "Towards a European recognition for the Planning profession"