AESOP is very pleased to congratulate the newly elected members of the Young Academics network Coordination Team: Mohamed SalehDana Shevah and Karel Van den Berghe

The members of the Young Academics Network Coordination Team elected last time: Nadia CARUSO and Simone TULUMELLO will remain in the YA Network CT till the elections in 2016. 

AESOP would like to express the word of gratitude to Ender PEKER and Feras HAMMAMI for thier hard and efficient work for Young Acedemics community.
We would like to address special thanks to Lauren UGUR for her commitment and dedication as an Executive Officer of the Coordination Team. She will remain the Senior Adviser for the Coordination Team.

The Young Academics Network is crucial for AESOP's future. Active and dynamic participation within the YA Network is just one step towards involvement into AESOP's institutions and initiatives and in taking responsibilities within the association. And that will put you right in the centre of our planning community.

The whole AESOP community would like to address new Coordination Team our warm greetings and our best wishes for a productive and successful year as the Young Academics Network Coordination Team.