We are pleased to announce that the AESOP Council of Representatives has ratified the ExCo Proposal to nominate Jan Schreurs (KU Leuven)  and Abdelillah Hamdouch (Université de Tours) as the new AESOP Auditors (2018-2022).

On behalf of the whole AESOP community we would like to express our warmest congratulations to the new AESOP Officials! We are looking forward to a fruitfull collaboration.

The ratification was held at the CoRep Meeting in Newcastle, on April 19th 2018. 

AESOP would like to express a special acknowledgement to Louis Albrecht and Andreas Voigt, the first AESOP Auditors, who have shown an enormous dedication and competence in AESOP's financial auditing and whose advices have always proven to be very valuable.