28 January 2012: Klaus R. Kunzmann in Schloss Cappenberg, Germany.
Planning Education in Europe: Challenges and Pathways into the Future.

The lecture identified the challenges, planning schools are facing in the times of globalisation, market led and territorial development and information overload, and explored pathways into the future of planning education in Europe.

President of AESOP Kristina L. Nilsson and President of IFHP Flemming Borreskov introduced the Lecture Series and invited for the next lecture on 2 June in Paris. Our speker will be Andres Faludi.

Prof. Klaus Kunzmann's lecture from Izabela Mironowicz on Vimeo.

Professor Klaus R. Kunzmann graduated from the School of Architecture of the Technische Universität München in 1967 and received a PhD from the Technische Universität Wien in 1971. Appointed as Professor by the School of Planning of the Universität Dortmund in 1974, he was Director of Research of the Institut für Raumplanung until 1993. From then onwards, and until his retirement in 2006, he held the personal Jean Monnet Chair of Spatial Planning in Europe. Klaus R. Kunzmann is a Honorary professor of Chung Hua University, in Hsinchu, Taiwan, a Honorary member of the RPTI, received a Honorary PhD from the University of Newcastle-upon-Tyne in 1994, and taught as visiting professor at a number of universities in Europe, the US and in China. From 1987 to 1990 he was the first president of AESOP. Based on four decades of explorations into the field of spatial development of cites and regions, he is now living in Potsdam/Berlin, exploring the implications of China’s economic growth on urban regional development in Europe, and relentlessly writing on territorial planning in Europe, regional restructuring in the Ruhr, and on creative and knowledge city development.