Report AESOP-ERSA Lecture Series / Lecture 9:
Klaus R. Kunzmann, Bénédicte Le Ray and Anne Brisset, Katarina Bačić and Ivana Rašić Bakarić

Creative industries' click with the economy… City slickers?

The Lecture took place on 22 October 2015 in Zagreb hosted by The Institute of Economics, Zagreb.
 The event started with the opening speech of the Director of the Institute of Economics, Zagreb. Dubravka Jurlina Alibegović followed by the short introduction to the Lecture Series by Izabela Mironowicz, who is responsible for this important AESOP activity, established to mark our Silver Jubilee in 2012. 
Moderator, Irena Đokić, introduced the speakers: Klaus R. KunzmannBénédicte Le Ray and Anne Brisset from the Région Île-de-France and Katarina Bačić and Ivana Rašić Bakarić from the Institute of Economics, Zagreb, whose lectures you can watch watch here:

AESOP wishes to express the word of gratitude to the co-organiser of the 9th lecture within the framework of our Lecture Series - the Institute of Economics Zagreb.

Professor Klaus R. Kunzmann graduated from the School of Architecture of the TU München in 1967 and received a PhD from the TU Wien in 1971. Appointed as Professor by the School of Planning of the TU Dortmund in 1974, he was Director of Research of the Institut für Raumplanung until 1993. From then onwards, and until his retirement in 2006, he held the personal Jean Monnet Chair of Spatial Planning in Europe. Klaus R. Kunzmann is a Honorary professor of Chung Hua University, in Hsinchu, Taiwan, a Honorary member of the RPTI, received a Honorary PhD from the University of Newcastle-upon-Tyne in 1994, and taught as visiting professor at a number of universities in Europe, the US and in China. From 1987 to 1990 he was the first president of AESOP. Based on four decades of explorations into the field of spatial development of cites and regions, he is now living in Potsdam/Berlin, exploring the implications of China’s economic growth on urban regional development in Europe, and relentlessly writing on territorial planning in Europe, regional restructuring in the Ruhr, and on creative and knowledge city development.

Bénédicte LE RAY and Anne BRISSET
Having received a master degree in European projects expertise from the Sorbonne Nouvelle University, Bénédicte Le Ray started working at Conseil Regional d’Ile-de-France in 2006. She was first in charge of the financement of the European Social Fund projects linked to the education of unemployed people or development of economics activity thus accompanying people to create their own companies. Since 2014, she has been involved in the new regional operational program for Regional Development European Fund and European Social Fund. More precisely, she accompanies projects holders such as cities, associations or companies to develop projects, which could be financed by the RDEF in order to strengthen competiveness, develop new communication and information technologies and support the transition to a lower emission of carbon economy.
Anne Brisset-Giustiniani has more than 10 year experience in ICT policies. She holds a Master's degree in Internet Law from the Sorbonne University completed with the thesis on the EU legal framework for networks security. Her highest expertise profile focuses on the legal aspects of e-business and e-government policies as well as on data privacy protection and cybersecurity developed through experience within consulting company, SME and public administration. I Anne has also experience in public-private projects having worked as an ICT consultant for Accenture and being for example involved in the e-SNCF project dealing with the e-strategy of the French railway company and thereby acquired a solid experience of the impact of Internet policies on business activity. Anne worked also as business manager for a start-up company developing in particular Internet tools for public debates and consultation. For several years Anne worked as a civil servant in the administration of the Paris area region: as ICT policy officer, she designed and implemented digital policies focused on the development of e-business for SMEs and on the promotion of e-learning tools within higher education and research institutions. Later she was also responsible for evaluating and monitoring projects developing synergies between SMEs, large companies and research laboratories for two leading French competitiveness clusters in ICT and digital contents. Anne is now involved in the new regional operational program for European Regional Development Fund and European Social Fund in Ile-de-France. She accompanies ESF projects holders.

 and Katarina BAČIĆ
Ivana Rašić Bakarić works as a research associate at the Institute of Economics, Zagreb, in the Department for Regional Economics, Sustainability and Governance where she has also collaborated with the public and business sector since 2001. She has been engaged as an expert on several projects for international organisations (European Commission, UNDP, GIZ). She has had a wide experience in the industrial sector analysis. Her current research interests focus on cultural and creative industries and regional/urban economics topics.
Katarina Bačić holds a position of a scientific associate at the Institute of Economics, Zagreb, in the Department for Economic Growth, Economic Policy and Convergence, where she has collaborated with the public and business sector, both as a team member and as a project manager in the research projects since 2000. Her areas of interest include sectoral studies, currently with a focus to cultural and creative industries, regional/urban economics topics, innovation systems and foreign direct investment. During her career she has worked both in private and public sector, thus gaining experience as a researcher, business consultant and as a University lecturer.
The most recent contribution of Katarina and Ivana to the public policy area has been the cooperation with the Croatian Cluster of Competitiveness of Cultural and Creative Industries, participating in Mapping Cultural and Creative Industries in Croatia study. During 2015 both Katarina and Ivana were working on the project Comparison of public utilities’ services pricing in larger cities in Central and South-East Europe, commissioned by the City of Zagreb.