AESOP would like to thank the Faculty of Civil and Geodetic Engineering and the Biotechnical Faculty and express our most gratitude for the excellent organization of the 14th AESOP Heads of Schools.

The date coincided with the 100th anniversary of the University of Ljubljana and the topic of ‘Planning and the Disciplinarity Question’ was chosen to celebrate the contribution of planning disciplines to the challenges of transition of the academia towards ‘Xdisciplinarity’.

We wish to thank in particular Assist. Prof. Dr. Naja Marot (Biotechnical Faculty) and the other members of the Organizing Team Prof. Dr. Mojca Golobič (Biotechnical Faculty), Assist. Prof. Dr. Alma Zavodnik Lamovšek (Faculty of Civil and Geodetic Engineering), Senior Lect. Dr. Mojca Foški (Faculty of Civil and Geodetic Engineering) and Assist. Dr. Gašper Mrak (Faculty of Civil and Geodetic Engineering), for all their work and commitment to the organization of the AESOP Heads of Schools Meeting and for their major contribution to the success of this event.

We also wish to extend a special thanks to Professor Bojan Stopar, the Head of the Department of Geodetic Engineering, Professor Tanja Dmitrović, Vice-Rector of the University of Ljubljana and Professor Matjaž Mikoš, the Dean of the Faculty of Civil and Geodetic Engineering for their contribution and support to this event.

A special acknowledgment goes to Prof. Mojca Golobič (Biotechnical Faculty) and Prof. Olivier Sykes (University of Liverpool, who presented most stimulating keynote speeches and to our invited Chairs Assoc. Prof. Alenka Fikfak (University of Ljubljana), Prof. Joachim Schöffel (University of Applied Sciences Rapperswil), Assoc. Prof. Giancarlo Cotella (Politecnico di Torino), Assist. Prof. Tijana Dabović (University of Belgrade), Assoc. Prof. Daniel Galland (Norwegian University of Life Science), Dr. Tomaž Pipan (University of Ljubljana) and Assoc. Prof. Angelique Chettiparamb (University of Reading) for all the fruitful discussions.

The event has been a great joy and pleasure to all of us, and has been so largely thanks to the work and hospitality of our Slovenian colleagues, to whom we remain grateful.