The AESOP and ERSA communities are greatly indebted to the Technical University of Vienna for hosting the Series of Lectures "The Evolution of Planning Thoughts" within the framework AESOP-ERSA Lecture Series.

Our special word of gratitude goes to Beatrix HASELSBERGER and Andreas DILLINGER  who made the event possible.

Last, but not least we would like to express our gratitude to Peter Hall, Andreas Faludi, Louis Albrechts, Judith Innes, Charles Hoch, Peter Marcuse, Barrie Needham, Cliff Hague, Michael Batty, Rachelle Alterman, John Friedmann, Patsy Healey, Gerhard Schimak, Klaus Kunzmann and John Foreste for their outstanding lectures.

AESOP communitity wishes to congratulate TU Vienna on the 200 Anniversary.