Association of European Schools of Planning would like to thank Technical University of Madrid and express our gratitude for the organization of the X AESOP Heads of Schools Meeting & Plaza for Excellence in Education (12th – 14th March): Enhancing International Cooperation in a Connected and Divided World­. The team from Madrid has shown tremendous dedication to the task and remarkable reliability. We consider the cooperation with Technical University of Madrid very successful and pleasurable. We would also like express our word of gratitude to the city of Madrid supporting the event.

We wish to especially thank Professor Luis Maldonado, Director of the School of Architecture and Professor Agustín Hernández-Aja, Director of the Urban and Regional Planning Department, School of Architecture for their fabulous cooperation and support. 

We also wish to thank Professor José Miguel Fernández-Güell, chair of the Local Organising Committee and Ana Boluda, Alejandro Rodríguez, Ana Sanz, Rafael Córdoba, Concha Lapayese, Andrzej Gabinski (Madrid Convention Bureau) and Emilio Martínez-Vidal (Chief of Coordination Department, Municipality of Madrid) for their contribution to the success of our Heads of Schools Meeting. We know very well that it requires the work of a team to organize such an event, and the role played by each member of the team is important. We are deeply indebted to all who contributed to the success of the event. Our special word of gratitude goes to the staff of the Technical University of Madrid helping during the event.

Our special word of gratitude goes to Prof. José Miguel Fernández-Güell (Technical University of Madrid) and Olivire Sykes (University of Liverpool), who presented outstanding keynote speeches and to our invited speakers and moderators of the workshops: Prof. Klaus R. Kunzmann, Prof. Inés Sánchez de Madariaga (Technical University of Madrid), Dr. Ela Bablik-Sutcliffe (Middle East Technical University in Ankara) Prof. Maroš Finka (Slovak Institute of Technology), Prof. Anna Geppert (University Paris IV Sorbonne), Prof. Paulo Silva  (University of Aveiro) and Prof. Mervi Ilmonen (Aalto University in Helsinki).

We would like to express our special word of gratitude to oue Spannish collegues, who attended the meeting on 12 March 2015 and invite them to the further cooperation. Welcome to AESOP!

The event has been a great joy and pleasure to all of us, and has been so largely thanks to your work and hospitability, for which we remain grateful.