AESOP would like to acknowledge IST (Instituto Superior Técnico), IGOT (Geography and Spatial Planning Institute) and FA (Faculty of Architecture), the three schools of the University of Lisbon, for hosting the 2017 AESOP Annual Congress, on the general theme SPACES OF DIALOG FOR PLACES OF DIGNITY: Fostering the European Dimension of Planning.

We wish to thank in particular José Antunes Ferreira (IST), Chair of the LOC and the co-Chairs José Manuel Simões (IGOT) and Sofia Morgado (FA) for the excellent work in coordinating the Lisbon Local Organizing Committee (LOC) and for all their cooperation and support.

We also wish to extend a special thanks to Isabel Loupa Ramos (IST), Eduarda Marques da Costa (IGOT), Jorge Batista e Silva (IST), João Cabral (FAUL), Miguel Baptista-Bastos (FAULand Paulo Silva (UAVEIRO) for all their work and dedication to the organization of the 2017 AESOP Lisbon Congress and for their contribution to the success of this event.
The team from Lisbon has shown tremendous dedication to the task and remarkable reliability and we would like to extend our gratitude to all the technical staff and volunteers who helped during the event.

A special acknowledgment also goes to Simin Davoudi (Global Urban Research Unit, Newcastle University), Viriato Soromenho-Marques( School of Arts and Humanities, University of Lisbon), José Viegas (International Transport Forum, OECD) and Joan Clos (UN-Habitat) who presented most stimulating keynote speeches.

Another special word of gratitude goes to all the Track Co-Chairs and Roudtables Chairs and Speakers for their crucial work of selecting and organising the numerous papers and presentations.

The Congress reached a record number of participants and constituted a memorable event not only for the scientific quality of the presentations but also for the relaxed and pleasant atmosphere created by the warm hospitality of our Lisbon colleagues.