The World Planning Schools Congress in Perth Australia saw the globe’s planning minds gather to present, debate, network and, thanks to the YA-AESOP Reception, drink. The reception provided the opportunity for PhD students, early career researchers and newly hired academics to connect with their more long-established colleagues. Held at the beautiful and contemporary George in central Perth, the marble clad bar served up a free drink for students courtesy of YA-AESOP. The atmosphere was so relaxed and at times so boisterous and buzzing with activity it was hard to hear who was saying what, but the organisers wouldn’t have it any other way as all that noise simply meant everyone was having a great time!
For many, this was their first introduction to YA-AESOP, having never attended a European event before. The organisers made everyone feel welcome, speeches were made and networks formed. The world was truly represented at the event as traditional AESOP Europeans mixed with their Aussie hosts along with their next-door Kiwi neighbours and those further afield, including North and South Americans and those from the Middle East, Africa and Asia. The event lasted well into the evening as old friends met and new ones were made. Hopefully many of the same faces will meet up again in Ankara, Turkey for the 2012 AESOP conference!
Brian Webb (University of Manchester)