Planning Education for Europe and Beyond, TU Wien, Vienna, 10 - 12 March 2021

The European idea has never been based on exclusion but rather on integration and common effort to foster prosperity and peace. The political discourse in Europe has changed and voices supporting territorialism and disregarding the necessity of collaboration and a coordinated European spatial development seem to be widely accepted. Planning schools throughout Europe educate students to hold positions that will shape Europe’s development in the future as it regards its social, cultural, ecological, political and economic qualities. Their efforts to integrate transnational perspectives as well as fundamental European values contribute to an open minded and reflected education enabling students to consider a broader perspective and act responsibly.
Therefore, we would like to discuss a PLANNING EDUCATION FOR EUROPE AND BEYOND at the AESOP Heads of Schools meeting in 2021.

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10th March 2021 | ExCo meeting

More information soon on the AESOP Website (to be held online via Blackboard Collaborate)

11th March 2021 | CoRep meeting

More information soon on the AESOP Website (to be held on online via Blackboard Collaborate)

12th March 2021 | HoS meeting: “Planning education for Europe and beyond”

The AESOP 2021 Heads of Schools (HoS) meeting is planned as a free open online event. The aim is to have a broad discussion about the future of spatial planning education with all interested parties. Register now