To National Representative in AESOP Council of Representatives.

List of National Represntatives and their Substitues is available here.


Dear colleagues,

The 2010-2012 mandatory period of the National Representatives in the AESOP Council of Representatives will soon be over, and, new National Representatives will be elected. The right to elect new National Representatives rests with Full Members of AESOP in each country.

According to the AESOP Charter (Art. 16b):

b) If a country has one Full Member, its delegate shall represent the member schools of that country. If a country has two Full Members, both their delegates shall represent the member schools of that country. If a country has more than two Full Members, all Full Members of that country shall elect two representatives of member schools of that country. The Secretary General shall be responsible for the general oversight of this process.


c) Each National Representative has one Substitute, elected in the way described in b). The Substitute is allowed to attend the meetings of the Council, but is only allowed to vote in case of absence of the National Representative.


National Representatives are eligible for re-election. 

The timetable for the election is as follows:

7 May 2012

Elections of the National representatives is announced on the website.

National Representatives 2010-2012 begin election procedure in their countries. Each country organizes this process autonomously.

18 June 2012

Information is submitted to the AESOP Secretary General (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) about elected National Representatives for the 2012-2014 mandatory period and their Substitutes (name, affiliation, contact data, e-mail address compulsory).

2 July 2012

New National Representatives profiles (prepared by new NR) are sent to the Secretary General. The National Representatives should be aware that their profiles will be displayed on the AESOP website.

10 July 2012, Ankara:

Council of Representatives Meeting


The list of Full Members in each country is available on the AESOP website.

The number of National Representatives from each country is as follows:

Albania: 1

Austria: 1

Belgium: 2

Bulgaria: 1

Czech Republic: 2

Denmark: 2

Finland: 1

France: 2

Germany: 2

Greece: 2

Ireland: 2

Italy: 2

Netherlands: 2

Norway: 2

Poland: 2

Portugal: 2

Romania: 1

Serbia: 1

Slovakia: 1

Slovenia: 1

Spain: 2

Sweden: 2

Switzerland: 2

Turkey: 2

United Kingdom: 2