The ‘Conversations in Planning Theory and Practice’ booklet team is actively looking for enthusiastic YA authors to develop a new issue with Prof. Juan Luis de las Rivas Sanz. This booklet project presents conversations with influential planners in theory to reflect on their career paths and discuss how they inspired and addressed the development of planning theory. It aims to provide an introduction to their theories and ideas: what and how they contributed to the field of planning; what and who influenced the development of these theories; and how this implicated/ reflected on planning debate in theory and/ or practice. Accordingly, it focuses on their contribution to academic literature. At the same time, it considers significant people and events that have influenced the evolution of the planner’s ideas and themes.

Most of the booklets were co-authored by more than one YA authors - one being the lead author or coordinator. We welcome candidates interested in being lead authors and co-authors (please write us your preference). The timeline and deadlines are planned with the authors and Editorial Board. We want to start in April 2023. Prof. Juan Luis de las Rivas Sanz and the editorial board of Conversations in Planning YABooklet will select the candidate.

If you are a Young Academic member and/or a PhD student and/or an early career researcher, and if you want to explore the role of planner in the threshold between Urban design, Urban & Regional Planning and Landscape fields, if your research focuses into the continuous re-definition of the meaning of the place and geographical context in the project, then please send us your brief CV and a ‘Statement of Purpose’ (maximum 500 words) outlining your specific interest in his biography and – if possible - your familiarity with his work by 15th of February 2023 via mail to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

The ‘Conversations in Planning’ Booklet series allows Young Academic author(s) to develop a biography on senior planning scholars about their contribution towards planning debate, which is supported by the seniors planning theoreticians themselves. It consists of two parts and 20,000 words (developed in two parts: the first part consisted of a draft prepared by YA author(s) and of 10,000 words; the second part interviews with PP’s peers, followers and critics, and another 10,000 words).

‘Conversations in Planning Theory and Practice’ is an online publication and can be accessed at

Please also do not hesitate to write us for more info on the booklet and commitment of YA authors. We look forward to your applications! Contact Editors: Mario Paris and Lena Greinke. Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Best regards, on behalf of both,
The Editorial Board of Conversations in Planning Theory and Practice
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Juan Luis de las Rivas Sanz, Architect (1984) and Phd (1988) for the University of Navarra, is full professor of Spatial Planning and Urban Design at the School of Architecture in Valladolid, Spain. Former director of the Instituto Universitario de Urbanística and, is the current director of the Departamento de Urbanismo y Representación de la Arquitectura, in the Valladolid University. Visiting scholar in the Politecnico di Milano and in the Arizona State University, he has been visiting professor in the Politecnico di Milano, the University of Texas at Austin, the ESAP at Porto, the Instituto de Urbanismo of Caracas and in the Iberoamericana University of Puebla (Mx) and, occasionally, in other European and American Universities.

Working for national, regional and local authorities he leads the research group IUU_Lab, involved in spatial planning and urban design innovation ( His most recent research projects are: “El Paisaje Urbano Histórico como recurso de planificación en los conjuntos históricos menores” (Spain I&R, 2018-20), “Territorios Activos” (CyL-FEDER, 2020-23), INTENSSS_PA (2016-18, EU-H2020) or 2ISECAP (2022-24, EU-H2020), and planning works as the Regional Plan for Urban Regeneration of Castilla y León (2018), or the Master Plan of Valladolid (2012-14). He was expert consultant for UN-Habitat (Dubai International Award 2010 and 2012) and for the new territorial structure in Castilla y León (2012). In 2002 his guidelines for the Valladolid metropolitan area (DOTVaEnt) obtained the European Urban and Regional Planning Award (European Council of Town Planners). Some of his works earn other international mention: Gubbio International Prize 2003, and 9th European Urban and Regional Planning Awards, ECTP 2011-2012.

Author of books as "El espacio como lugar” (1992); “Directrices de ordenación de” (2006); “Atlas de Conjuntos Históricos de Castilla y León” (2009), “El Estado de las Ciudades de Castilla y León” (2010) or “Supercities. La inteligencia del Territorio” (with A. Vegara, 2015, Gerd Albers Isocarp Award in 2016) or “La Escala Humana. Pensando las ciudades con Jan Gehl” (Fundacion Arquia, 2019), he promoted the translation to Spanish of the McHarg’s classic “Design with Nature” (Barcelona 2000). He uses to write chapters or articles in specialized books and journals, among the most recent: “Spain” (in Urban Design Practice. An International Review, RIBA 2012); “Landscape Cities” (with Juan Miró, Bitácora, Mexico 2014), “Placemaking or making places?” (Routledge, 2017); “Planning strategies for a resilient urban fringe in three medium-sized Spanish cities” (with M. Fernández, Planning Perspectives 2019), “City turns toward Nature” (Territorio, Milan, 2019), “Planning for Growth: Contradictions in the Framework of Economic and Urban Development from the ‘Spanish Miracle’ (1959-1973)” (with M. Fernández, Journal of Urban History 2020) or “Imagining the Region” (with A. Vegara, Routledge 2021) and “Elective Affinities” (in “European Planning History in the 20th Century”, Routledge 2021). His more recent research results are “Lo rural como hábitat future” and “Paisajes menores. Patrimonio territorial y medio rural: una trayectoria investigadora” (2022, both published as Creative Commons, see

His current research is about the innovative relationships between Nature, Planning and Urban Design, their architectural basis in theory and practice for promoting urban regeneration. Member of the Fundacion Metropoli advisory committee, the Consejo de Medio Ambiente, Urbanismo y Ordenación del Territorio of Castilla y León, and the Academy of Fine Arts of Valladolid, he has been director of 21 PhD thesis, he uses to participate as speaker in seminars and congress and he also is or has been member of journal scientific committees as “Ciudades” (Valladolid), “Bitácora” (Bogotá) or “Territorio” (Milan).