Since 1987, AESOP has built an incredible network of planners around the world. After more than 30 years of conferences, workshops and discussions, we would like to highlight the history of AESOP and invite all AESOP members to contribute their memorie

- What does AESOP mean to you?
- What moments of gratitude, excitement or surprise has AESOP evoked for you?
- How did you get involved in the AESOP community?
- What role has AESOP played in your career, and how has it affected you personally?
- Which role did you play in the AESOP development?

AESOP is a community made of your stories, memories, and initiatives!
As part of the AESOP Memories project, we are constructing a webpage and an archive in which we collect and systematize the history of AESOP through the perspectives, stories and memories of AESOP’s members. Memories are not only written texts but also artifacts, pictures, videos and newspapers.

We invite all AESOP members and fellows to send us their stories of AESOP. Specifically, we are looking forward to collecting memories of AESOP activities (conferences, informal meetings, shared initiatives) between the early 1980s and the late 1990s. These can take the following formats: 

  • Written story, between 250-400 words and a short title (Native language contributions are welcomed but must be accompanied by an English translation, otherwise English should be used).
  • Photographs, pictures, posters (scanned images) that respect copyright issues. When sharing pictures, you are requested to declare your responsibility for what is depicted in that picture. You will be required to provide a brief written explanation of the image, cite its author, date and location.
  • Videos (no longer than 5 minutes). Citing the director, date and location.
  • Newspapers and any other artifacts that in your opinion tell about the history of AESOP from a new/different perspective. You will be required to provide a brief written explanation of the image, cite its author, date and location.

Please, send this material to the following email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. by 15 October 2022.

What is the AESOP Memories Project?
AESOP Memories project is a new project jointly initiated by the Coordination Team of the Young Academics Network and AESOP. It aims to keep the memories of all generations of AESOP alive. As part of this project, young scholars will interview senior scholars, to collect  their memories of AESOP. Additionally, we are initiating an online platform that will bear witness to the collective memory of our planning community through stories, and include photos, videos and artifacts from current and previous members.