The 1st Booklet of the AESOP Young Academics Booklet Series C "Exploring Place matters in Planning Practice" has just been published.

Changing Planning Discourses and Practices: The Flanders Structure Plan

Kristian Olesen in conversation with Louis Albrechts


Internal And Cover Design Shaimaa Refaat, Piece Of Art

AESOP YA Booklet Series Editor-in-Chief Mona Abdelwahab
 (Architecture Engineering and Environmental Design, AATMT, Cairo School of Architecture, Planning and Landscape, Newcastle University)

AESOP YA Booklet Series C Editors Lauren Ugur (
International School of Management, Frankfurt Germany) and
 Giusy Pappalardo
 (Department of Civil Engineering and Architecture, Catania)

Authors Louis Albrechts
 (Department of Architecture, Urbanism and Planning University of Leuven – KU Leuven
) and 
Kristian Olesen
 (Department of Planning, Aalborg University)

The publications of the YA Booklet Series are available for download in here.