The call for candidates to the Coordination Team of the AESOP Young Academics Network is open April 29th until May 7th 2019.

The AESOP YA Network is an AESOP working group in particular addressed at planners who have only recently entered the academic world: PhD students, postdocs, people starting in academic positions. The activities of the AESOP YA network are complementary to other activities that are being deployed within AESOP as a whole.

The Coordination Team (CT) holds the managerial powers of the Young Academics Network. The mandate period of the member of the Coordination Team is two years. In May-June 2019 three new members of the CT will be elected. They will replace stepping down members of the CT: Lukas Gilliard, Irene Luque-Martin and Daan Bossuyt. Daan Bossuyt will move to the position of the Senior Advisor.

Being a member of the Coordination Team of the YA Network means responsibility and great opportunities. You will be involved in the organisation of international activities (conferences and workshops organization; journal editing, blog, and booklet series) and have the opportunity to gain international experiences, improve your capacities to work, and expand your international networks through cooperation with both young and senior scholars.

We strongly encourage you to take an active role during the enrolment period, and voting for the candidates during the election period. Kindly note that, only members of the AESOP Young Academics Network can stand for the election to the CT. Also, only registered members are able to vote for them. New membership registration is now frozen  until the end of the election period.


  • (a)  Apply as a candidate before May 7th, 2019 at 11:59 PM CEST through our websie and an expression of interest to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. composed of your CV+motivation letter.
  • (b)   Registration for new YA membership will be frozen until the end of the election period
  • (c)   Online Election Period between May 8, 2019 until May 26, 2019
  • (d)   Election results announcement will follow shortly after on our website.
  • (e) Only members of the AESOP Young Academics Network are eligible to vote.

AESOP community strongly encourages young colleagues to get involved in the activities of the Young Academics Network and stand for the election. AESOP Young Academics network membership registration is frozen during the election period so make sure to register on time if you wish to cast your vote.



The YA CT team 2018-2019

Agnes, Batoul, Lukas, Irene & Daan