According to the AESOP Charter, 'Representing the Association and managing its cur­rent affairs (...) shall be delegated to the President and the Secretary General'.

The on-going mandatory period of the Secretary General is July 2019 -July 2023.

The term of office of the Secretary General is 4 years.

The elections of the Secretary General shall take place one year before the beginning of the mandatory period. During this year, the Secretary General-elect shall occupy the position of Vice Secretary General and shall attend the meetings of the Executive Committee.

The mandatory period of the Secretary General 2023-2027 will start on 20 July 2023.



According to the Article 22b of the AESOP Charter, only an academic from a European school of plan­ning represented in the Association may be elected as Secretary General.

The Secretariat General will be located at the University where the Secretary General works, therefore the institution shall promise to help with AESOP administration, namely:

  • ensuring facilities for running the office (room, Internet access, phone, fax, etc.);
  • run the AESOP SG account under the conditions of the transparency of the public institution and deliver the annual financial statements to the AESOP Treasurer and Auditors;
  • assign certain amount of working hours of the staff (accountancy, legal office, etc.);
  • archive financial files;
  • help the SG to operate within the national legal framework;
  • sending letters preferably using own university post office;
  • print AESOP documents at a professional level (preferably in the own university printing house);

The Secretary General shall occupy a senior and permanent position at the institution which hosts the Secretariat General.

The workload of the Secretary General Office is estimated at, approximately, 20 hours/week. Please note that there is budget assigned for the appointment of a Secretary General’s Assistant. The service for the members must be ensured constantly. The Secretary General shall be ready to travel to attend official AESOP meetings: Executive Committee Meetings, Council of Representatives Meetings, Head of Schools Meetings and AESOP Congresses.

The person applying for the position of the Secretary General should be aware that no gratification will be received for the work. Secretary General is a voluntary position.

Secretary General must be already involved in AESOP activities and have a good knowledge about the Association, its members and activities.

The Secretary General must be fluent in English, which is the AESOP official language.

The Secretary General must be familiar with standard office software as well as database software.

The Secretary General should have good communication skills.



  • representing, together with the AESOP President or in his/her absence, the Association;
  • managing membership issues;
  • managing the AESOP online database, acting as the administrator, and the AESOP webpage;
  • preparing documents and files (minutes, resolutions, statements, official letters, guidelines, texts for the website, certificates, acknowledgments, etc.);
  • archiving AESOP files and documents;
  • sending out AESOP mails (letters, packages, publications, etc);
  • preparing and sending out the AESOP Newsletter;
  • supervising elections of National members of the Council of Representatives as well as the elections of the Young Academics Coordination Team;
  • organizing Executive Committee Meetings, Council of Representatives Meetings and General Assemblies,
  • editing, preparing or supporting AESOP publications, and collaborating with disP with respect to the AESOP News section in the journal;
  • launching the calls for AESOP positions and hosting events and proceeding the respective application processes;
  • collaborating with the AESOP Treasurer and with all the other AESOP officials;
  • assisting the members in the process of using interactive functions of the AESOP website and helping AESOP Thematic Groups manage their sub-pages.



Following documents are required to apply for the position:

  • Candidate's Letter of Motivation
  • Candidate's CV
  • Confirmation of the Candidate's University to run the AESOP SG account under the conditions of transparency of the public institution.   

The application in .doc or .pdf format shall be sent to the Secretary General (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) before 31 March 2022. The documents will be made available for the AESOP Council of Representatives.

The Council of Representatives will elect the AESOP Secretary General 2023-2027 during their meeting in Tartu, Estonia in July 2022.

The applicants will be invited to present their candidacy during this CoRep meeting. AESOP will not reimburse travel costs of the applicants to Tartu, Estonia.

If you have any enquiries do not hesitate to ask the Secretary General, Angelique Chettiparamb (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.), who would be delighted to help you.