AESOP COUNCIL OF REPRESENTATIVES – National Representative Elections 2022

Dear Colleagues

The 2020-2022 mandatory period of the National Representatives in the AESOP Council of Representatives will soon be over, and new National Representatives need to be elected/appointed. The right to elect new National Representatives rests with Full Members of AESOP in each country. If you are interested in joining the Co-Rep please be directly in touch with your current National Representative.

Please refer below for the information regarding appointment/election of new Council of Representatives.


General Rules

- Only AESOP Full Members are eligible to elect or appoint National Representatives and their Substitutes in AESOP Council of Representatives.

- The mandatory period for the National Representatives and their Substitutes is two years (2022-2024).

- The National Representatives and their Substitutes can be re-elected.

- The powers and duties of the Council of Representatives are described in the articles 15-20 of the AESOP Charter.

- The National Representatives must be prepared to attend two Council of Representatives Meetings a year: the first takes place a day before the AESOP Heads of Schools Meeting in Spring, the second takes place during the AESOP Annual Congress in July. AESOP does not cover travel and accommodation costs to attend these meetings.


Election of the National Representatives

If a country has one Full Member, its representative represents the member school of that country without the need for a country-wide election. This representative can be appointed by the Full Member.

If a country has two Full Members, both their representatives represent the member schools of that country without the need for a country-wide election. These two representatives can be appointed by the Full Members.

If a country has more than two Full Members, all Full Members of that country must elect two representatives through a country-wide election process.

The Secretary General is responsible for the general oversight of this process.


Each National Representative must have one Substitute, elected in the same way as the National Representatives. The Substitute is allowed to attend the meetings of the Council, but is only allowed to vote in case of absence of the National Representative.


National Representatives Elections 2022

Current ongoing National Representatives are responsible for organising elections in their countries and for communicating the results to the Secretary General. 

Information about AESOP National Representatives is available on the AESOP website under the CoRep section.

The Election process will need to be held between the 11th April 2022 and 15th May. The results of the elections in each country should be communicated to the Secretary General before 1st June 2022.  

If you have any questions do not hesitate to contact the Secretary General (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.).

Please click here for the list of National Representatives 2020-2022 by country.