Planning education for recovery and resilience

Iuav - University of Venice

The conditions that led to the birth of the modern city over the course of the 20th Century have changed radically. Today, multiple and dramatic emergencies (economic and financial, social, environmental and climatic, health, and geopolitical) call for critical reflection on the nature and goals of urban planning. After years of progressive reduction of public resources, European States and cities are planning and managing - with tight temporal deadlines and spending constraints - a large number of interventions financed through ordinary and extraordinary tools (the EU structural funds 2021-2027, various national co-financing, the NextGenerationEU launched to stimulate the post-pandemic recovery). Such an unprecedented mix of resources, governance arrangements, and tools requires rethinking planning theories, practices, and education. The 19th AESOP Heads of Schools Meeting in 2024, hosted by the University Iuav of Venice’s Department of Architecture and Arts, will concentrate on this topic. It will encourage a debate on whether and how European planning schools provide future planning practitioners with extensive knowledge and skills for planning and programming cities' recovery, transition, and resilience.

When: March 13 (ExCo meeting), March 14 (CoRep meeting), March 15-16 (Heads of Schools meeting)

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