Participatory scenario workshop:

WHY (DO WE) STRENGTHEN AESOP COMMUNITY? Towards AESOP future in the digital transition

Friday, 29 October from 3pm to 5.30pm

The event in a nutshell

This event will aim to create a common knowledge on the "state of the art" of the Association and a shared vision of future steps, of the projects to be carried out - with particular reference to digital transition - and methods for meeting and collaborating within the community.

The event involves all participants actively and aims to create common knowledge on the "state of the art" of the Association, share a vision, develop scenarios on the AESOP future in digital transition, and deepen the benefits and opportunities of open access transition. This includes future steps, projects to be carried out, meeting and collaboration methods and so forth.

AEKOM – the AESOP KnOwledge Management platform – offers a relevant contribution to preparing for digital transition as a community.

The participatory scenario workshop is an opportunity to discover potentialities opened up by AEKOM for this AESOP effort for change while building a strong vision for our future, facing a post-pandemic environment.

Central questions

•   How can/should knowledge be gathered, shared and distributed?

•   How can/should innovation in knowledge be facilitated by collective, interactive protocols of exchange?

•   AESOP for the future: how can/should AESOP contribute to planning in the open-access era?

•   A future for AESOP: how should AESOP prepare itself for a digital transition?


When: 29 October, 2021

Where: Online, 15:00 - 17:30 hrs

No registration fee

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The event will be held completely online on Zoom video conferencing platform.

It will alternate presentations in plenary with moments of work in breakout rooms.


It will be possible to register and attend the meeting actively (plenary and breakout room) on the Zoom platform at the following link:  


To make sure you participate, please register within 24 hours before the event starts.

This will also allow the organizational team to arrange adequate technical support for the meeting. Please note that while registering you will be asked to agree to a privacy policy because all plenary sessions will be streamed on our YouTube Channel (

Parallel Sessions will also be recorded and uploaded to the YouTube Channel.


Registration opens on 4 October 2021

Participation in the event is free, but registration is required. It will be possible to express your preference about the focal problem/question of interest.