30th March to 1st April 2022 in Tirana, Albania

Planning Education and Research in Post Covid Europe

AESOP and POLIS University is happy to invite you to the 17th Heads of schools meeting, held in Tirana, Albania the 30th of March till the 1st of April 2022.

Education has faced several challenges during the 2020-2022 period due to the COVID-19 pandemics. With the prospect of re-opening of activities, including education, we would like to open a discussion among planning schools regarding the prospects of change that could be initiated. Questions such as “Are we going to move back to business as usual? Do we need to change our (planning) curricula? Do we need to change the approach in teaching next generation planners? Do we need to change our approach in planning research?” are most likely in the minds and in the discussions of all planning schools.

Hence, we believe this is a great opportunity to bring together AESOP Heads of Schools to jointly discuss about the prospects and challenges of planning education after the pandemics.

PLEASE NOTE: This event will take place physically in Tirana, Albania, but will also be available online to participants thought registration in our website!

Access our website: https://aesop2022hos.net/

Contact Email: aesop2022hos@universitetipolis.edu.al