Core Requirements for a high-quality European Planning Education

The core requirements for a high-quality European Planning Education were established in 1995 by the AESOP Working Group on the Curriculum of Planning Education.

The aim of the Working Group was to define a set of common principles suitable for a high-quality planning education all over Europe. Since their approval, these core requirements represent the common principles and values shared by AESOP member schools and guided the assessment of the school applying for AESOP membership.

Core Curriculum Review

In 2020, The AESOP Council of Representatives gave the mandate to a newly instituted Core Curriculum Working Group to revise and update the original core curriculum. This has occurred through an articulated and participated process that, during the period 2021-2023, has engaged all segments of the AESOP communities.

The revised Core Curriculum has been approved in the occasion of the AESOP CoRep meeting that took place on March 2024 in Venice, and addresses three main aims:
1. Contribute to a common identity for all AESOP member schools;
2. Provide a set of minimum requirements in order to be recognised as a planning school;
3. Increase the quality and visibility of planning education and contribute to improving the (professional) recognition of planners educated in AESOP member schools.

The revison process

Five online meetings held
Drafted key items
- Understanding territorial dynamics;
- Societal responsibilities;
- Values of profession/skills;
- Competencies to engender change.
Organised two forums
to ask for comments from the AESOP membership:
- Tirana (Heads of Schools Meeting)
- Istanbul (AESOP YA conference).
Circulated materials and documents
during the AESOP Annual Congress 2022 in Tartu, Estonia.
Revised version approved!
during the AESOP CoRep meeting, March 2024, Venice, Italy.

Core Curriculum Working Group

Chair of the working group
University of Birmingham, UK
Department of Architecture and Urban Studies, Polytechnic of Milan, Italy
Martina Koll-Schretzenmayr
ETH Zürich, Institute for Spatial and Landscape Development
Alenka Fikfak is Head Chair of Urbanism in the Faculty of Architecture at the University of Ljubljana.
University of Reading, Urban Planning and Governance.
Institut d’Urbanisme de Lyon – Université Lumière Lyon 2, urban planning and development
University of Aveiro, Spatial Planning and Innovation Policy.
Delft University of Technology, Spatial Planning & Strategy
Christian Peer
TU Vienna, sustainability transformation in urban development
Aalborg University in Copenhagen, Urban and Regional Planning
/Pantoleon Skayannis
University of Thessaly, Infrastructure Policy