Cité Universitaire
Limited Offer for 4-7 day stay
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Please make sure that you use the code “AESOP2024” as a reference upon registration, it entitles you to the discount. The discount is based on the rate of the day when the booking is made.

Cité Universitaire offers a comfortable single room with a private bathroom, A spartan but comfortable dorm (50-70 euro w/out individual bathroom)
63€-77€/night/room. 2 guests max.
66€-75€/night/room, 1 to 3 guests.
88€-97€/night/room, 1 to 3 guests.
107€-116€/night/room for 2 guests max.
114€/night/room, 2 guests max.
133€-136€/night/room, 1-3 guests.
130€-143€/night/room, 1-3 guests.
133€-145€/night/room, 1 to 3 guests.
138€-142€/night/room, 2 guests max.
116€-128€/night/room, 3 guests max.
136€-150€/night/room, 2 guests max.
108€-115€/night/room, 2 guests max.
127€-162€/night/room, 1-3 guests.
134€-150€/night/room, 2 guests max.
154€/night/room. 2 guests.
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