The 36th AESOP Annual Congress 2024 addresses the following scientific tracks

Planning for other worlds and different development models
Planning for property markets, Financialization, and Private Actors
Planning and legal procedures for land-use and transport policies
Transboundary planning for sustainability and cohesion
Planning for mobility: accessibility, affordability and sustainability
Planning and democracy: decisions, actors, partnerships and conflicts
Planning for resilience, sustainability, climate change and the environment
Planning for cultural diversity, peace and the experience of places
Interdisciplinary planning education: challenges, dialogues, innovations
Planning for affordable cities and new models of living
Planning as a game-changer: utopias, scenarios and narratives vs tools, actions, politics of change
Knowledge exchanges in urban developments from a historical perspective
Planning and socio-technical systems, digital methods and technologies
Planning for adaptive capacity: disasters, uncertainty, long-term problems, preparedness and responsiveness