Posters | guidelines for authors

Background: It shouldn't be bright or low contrast to the main content.

Colours: you can use different colours to highlight parts of the poster that will form a logical whole.

Text: There shouldn't be too much text on the poster. Remember to highlight the titles and provide contact details of the author/authors.

Graphics: A poster is essentially a graphic presentation. Individual elements should be visible from about 3 meters. Visualizations are recommended, such as: arrows, charts, drawings, diagrams, maps. Tables with a lot of text should be avoided.

Poster format and other technical notes

Poster size: A1 format (portrait position): height - 84.1 cm, width - 59.4 cm;

Suggested parameters:

Text - a font size of at least 20 points,

Headlines - at least 36 points,

Poster title − optimally 180 points (5 cm) – 72 points or more.

Ornamental fonts should be avoided.

The poster should be fully readable from a distance of 1 meter.

You can download the template here:

Please note

The organizers do not print posters. The author/authors should deliver a printed poster to the Congress Organizers at the reception desk on the first day of the Congress at the latest.

After the Congress, the authors receive posters from the Organizers.