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Call for posters is now closed!

Poster session – guidelines for authors

Background: It shouldn't be bright or low contrast to the main content.

Colours: you can use different colours to highlight parts of the poster that will form a logical whole.

Text: There shouldn't be too much text on the poster. Remember to highlight the titles and provide contact details of the author/authors.

Graphics: A poster is essentially a graphic presentation. Individual elements should be visible from about 3 meters. Visualizations are recommended, such as: arrows, charts, drawings, diagrams, maps. Tables with a lot of text should be avoided.

Poster format and other technical notes

Poster size: no larger than A0 format (portrait position): height - 118.9 cm, width - 84.1 cm.

 Suggested formats:

- A0 format (portrait position): height - 118.9 cm, width - 84.1 cm;

- A1 format (portrait position): height - 84.1 cm, width - 59.4 cm;

- A2 format (portrait position): height - 59.4 cm, width - 42.0 cm.

Suggested parameters:

Text - a font size of at least 20 points,

Headlines - at least 36 points,

Poster title − optimally 180 points (5 cm) – 72 points or more.

Ornamental fonts should be avoided.

The poster should be fully readable from a distance of 1 meter.

Please note

The organizers do not print posters. The author/authors should deliver a printed poster to the Congress Organizers at the reception desk on the first day of the Congress at the latest.

After the Congress, the authors receive posters from the Organizers.

Print on-site

There is also possibility to print the poster in Lodz at:

Drukarnia CUK https://drukarniacuk.pl/
90-002 Łódź, ul. Tuwima 20, 
tel. +48 510 185 201, +48 500 477 510
email: druk@drukarniacuk.pl

The poster shall be sent to Drukarnia CUK by email one day before pick up date at the latest.

A0 format – 60 PLN
A1 format – 30 PLN
A2 format – 15 PLN

Please make sure that you indicate “AESOP” as a reference while sending an email.