Bełchatów Industrial District

Bełchatów Industrial District

Evolutionary Changes of Tourism in Industrial Area in Transition: Challenges of Introducing the European Green Deal in the Bełchatów Industrial District

Bełchatów is an industrial district located in Central Poland, witnessing the co-evolution of tourism and industrial sectors, namely lignite mining and energy production. The last 50 years of the history of the district have been shaped by the triggering events, namely launching radical industrialisation, initiating economic transition, and implementing the Just Transition Mechanism. Nowadays, as the Bełchatów Power Plant is responsible for the largest CO2 emissions in the entire EU, a plan for its closure is indicated as a necessary step to make the EU climate neutral.
• Bełchatów – a city witnessing radical industrialisation,
• Rural areas – looking for the local identity,
• Bełchatów energy complex – from radical industrialisation to a just transition,
• New tourism infrastructure of the Bełchatów industrial district.

The cost is 200 EUR.
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