We regret to inform you that different phishing attacks have recently targeted the planning communities of EURA and AESOP. These attacks generally involve emails that appear to be from the President. In the case of AESOP that is Prof. Thomas Dillinger. Scammers attempt to get in contact with you, set up a short chat, steal sensitive information and finally request for the transfer of money.

From: Thomas Dillinger (
Hello, How are you doing? Please can you help the organization board with something today? Let me know so I can explain better the task ahead
Regards Thomas Dillinger
Steps to stay safe
We take this incident very seriously and need your help preventing further attacks.

- Be extra cautious of emails from unknown or suspicious sources.
- We send AESOP emails using accounts that end at for instance: or
- The AESOP president and members of the AESOP board use their institutional addresses for official communications.
- Please always check the full address of the email sender.
- Don’t click on any links or download any attachments from unknown or suspicious sources.
- Report any suspicious activity to your IT or security team.